Fireman of the Year Grunge Custom Firefighter Color Plaque

Product ID: APF-MM002-F

This one-of-a-kind "Fireman of the Year" plaque with the grunge look comes with a plate that is has silver lettering on a black background mounted on a black imitation board unless otherwise noted. The plate can be personalized with the name of your volunteer or professional fire department, the individuals name, along with the year and date.The exclusive design from Mr Mugs and Awards makes this a truly unique award for your deserving firefighters.

Imitation walnut and black plaque sizes:

               5" x 7"        $28.00               7" x 9"        $39.00
               6" x 8"        $32.00               8" x 10"      $48.00

Walnut and black piano finished plaques:

                5" x 7"       $33.00               7" x 9"        $48.00
                6" x 8"       $39.00               8" x 10"      $58.00

Quantity pricing also available.